Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Evolution of teeth

I don't know if getting most of our energy from eating whole raw carrots would have evolved our teeth to similar shaped to the way they actually are now but if it would have done so, then there should be evolutionary pressure for the following changes during the test:
*evolution of teeth ideally suited for eating whole raw carrots with a blunt end. The test should test the ability to climb up a vertical pole with bare hands and feet at all. After evolution makes it less common for people to be unable to, there should start being high rise apartment building with 2 poles, one for climbing up and the other for climbing down and there should be no elevators. Each person on their test day should be asked by observers whether they climbed up the pole to their apartment the previous day and if not, the partner finding site should do nothing to help them find a partner. Because the assigned day is not known ahead, it will evolve people to climb very high every day. This ensures the human species will always be very full of energy and not easily tireable, something only having to climb really high once won't do. Evolution would eventually evolve us to climb at what ever speed burns the least energy because there's a natural evolutionary disadvantage in climbing at a speed that burns more energy. In addition to that, whole raw carrots with a blunt end should be a huge part of people's diet so that we will evolve teeth ideally suited for eating them, and will even do so quite quickly on an evolutionary time scale because we'll be burning so much energy. Over the generations, the buildings we live in should slowly get taller and taller over the generations until they're 3,000 m tall. For anyone who can't climb the pole to their apartment the day before their assigned test day, it's an absolute no no for any of their descendants who haven't already found a partner to be found one by the site because otherwise, humans would devolve from genetic drift. Each person when buying an apartment to start up their own family should have a room assigned to them instead of getting to choose it themself so that we will evolve to be resistant to the harmful effects of climbing any height per day from 5 m to 3,000 m. That is, almost everybody will both be resistant to gaining so much weight that they can't climb at all from having gotten too little exercise climbing only 5 m a day and resistant to the tiring effects of climbing up 3,000 m a day. Evolution would probably evolve the teeth into a shape that maximizes the ability to get energy from chewing carrots. That's actually a stronger version of evolution of mobility too. People should be marked based entirely on how high they actually climb, not how high they climb for their age. The only reason old people this generation find it so hard is because they previously lacked the evolutionary pressure for mobility. Because a whole carrot is too big to fit into the mouth, incisors would never evolve into another type of tooth so I suspect that the canines would evolve to be in between the shape of an incisor and that of a premolar. Another good thing about this evolutionary pressure is that I suspect that evolutionary pressure for the ability to climb a vertical pole would prevent humans from ever evolving away from human shape.
*evolution against exposed dentin. For anyone who doesn't prove they have no exposed dentin by taking an X-ray, it should be an absolute no no for the site to help them find a partner. People with exposed dentin should not have a partner found for them whether it's from nail biting, physical wear or a dental carry. That way, almost no one in distant future generations will suffer dental pain. In addition to that, that evolutionary pressure would prevent top lateral incisors from not growing all the way in because they would take some of the wear for people with a nail biting habit slowing down the wear of the top central incisors. In addition to that people would evolve a more symmetrical jaw set because that will prevent one tooth from taking so much wear from nail biting because the tooth that's a reflection of it across the sagittal plane is at an awkward angle for nail biting. If in addition to that, we start up a trend where everybody occasionally drinks pure lemon juice but not often enough to corrode all the way through their enamel layer within their life time, some people will dissolve off a microscopic layer of enamel which will cause the plaque to detach from it and make their teeth ultra smooth making it harder for new plaque to stick in the first place. That will prevent dental caries since bacteria live in the plaque and make acid that corrodes the tooth. Some people will happen to be drinking lemon juice at the right frequency that's so on the edge of enough to get the plaque off that some people will natually have smooth enough teeth to have the lemon juice make them smooth enough to detach the plaque and others won't, some of whom will get a dental carry and be refused to be found a partner because of that. That would cause the next generation to on average have smoother teeth and the generation after even smoother teeth until teeth are natually so smooth that practically nothing can stick to them so well, maybe making cavities an impossibility.
*evolution against teeth defects. If someone had any permanent teeth grow in without pushing the decidous teeth out first or has any tilted wisdom teeth or can't prove with an old X-ray that they had all 4 wisdom teeth grow in straight before they got some of them removed, it should be an absolute no no for the site to help them find a partner. If there was enough room for them to grow in straight but not quite enough room for them to finish growing in, then they should be treated normally and be allowed to do the partner finding challenges. After all, the natural evolutionary advantage in having a body more full of energy will probably slowly take care of that problem and the crooked jaw set problem on its own, because people can get more energy from chewing carrots when they have fully grown in wisdom teeth that can do part of the chewing. It should also be an absolute no no for anyone who got any wisdom teeth removed before they had enough time to grow in because it's too late to find out whether they would have grown in untilted. The evolutionary pressure against tilted wisdom teeth would probably also make us evolve a more symmetrical jaw set because that way it's less likely that one side of the jaw will be too crowded for a wisdom to grow in straight.

I think the evolutionary pressure of teeth would result in the following results:
*feet shaped half like hands to be better at climbing
*canines becoming incisors with the top ones having a tiny speck of a second premolar cusp due to a combination of evolutionary pressure for teeth ideally suited for eating carrots and canines being able to be worn down faster than incisors. My top lateral incisors have a really tiny bump at the back very slightly resembling a premolar.
*straighter teeth to make it easier to bite and chew carrots getting more energy from them, even for people who don't wear braces
*dentin extending less far to the tip of the incisors because some people have a bad fingernail chewing habit
*thicker enamel layer because some people frequently drink pop which dissolves it and because of evolutionary pressure against cracks in teeth
*very symmetrical jaw set because that way it's less likely that a tooth will be so heavily worn down because the same type of tooth on the other side can't get a proper grip of the fingernails to do some of the nail biting for it

If this part of the test does not get created, there should at least be a restaurant chain that has a job on the third floor where there are 2 ways to go from the second floor to the third floor, going up a stair case and climbing up a pole. To create evolutionary pressure to be a good climber, the door on the third floor should be locked until the restaurant is open to customers and the people doing the morning shift should be required to enter by climbing the pole with bare hands and feet. The purpose in having the pole go from the second floor to the third floor instead of from the first to the second is that way, the second floor can be kept nice and warm because the cold air on the first floor at the foot of the stairs will sit there not coming up to the second floor because it's denser. Since tools can't be carried very well while climbing, all tools used for the restaurant job should be left on the third floor all the time. The restaurant should also serve a whole raw carrot with a blunt end as part of every main course meal so that people will evolve to have teeth ideally suited for eating carrots because people who can eat carrots can eat pretty much anything.

We should also make the evolutionary change of having a skeleton entirely made of tooth enamel built from the inside out but the only way I see to do that is is to first engineer an asexually reproducing woman with that trait whose clones will slowly outcompete the rest of the population as described in the next post. That would be so good. People will evolve to be unable to get joint pain even when the joint lubrication is accidentally missing because there will be no evolutionary advantage in it because it won't be able to wear out from rubbing anyway. In addition to that, every time somebody falls and breaks a bone, they will have a slight chance of not reproducing or their kids not reproducing because of it, selecting for people who will break a bone less easily because their bones were smoother and hadn't initiated a crack because their bones crack less easily. Also, people will evolve to get physical pain less easily because the evolutionary advantage of pain is smaller because they can't break a bone as easily and there's an evolutionary disadvantage in being so restrictive in what you do to avoid the risk of pain. Maybe that person will have to be engineered to have cartilage ribs so that their ribs won't break when they dive deep underwater because enamel ribs can't bend to reduce the pressure difference between the lungs and the outside of the body.

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