Friday, 1 August 2014

Evolution of mobility

One of the things each person should be tested on is the unaided ability to walk up a flight of 4 stairs and anyone who can't do that should fail the test. Also if the person doing the test trips during the test then can't get up on their own, they should fail the test. There should be no exception to not being allowed to decide the assigned day is inconvenient and changing the day to take the test. On rare occasion somebody might be space travelling in no gravity when they get called to take the test the next day and will probably fail the test from having adapted to no gravity. However, if space travel becomes very common for everybody, the evolutionary pressure against adaption to no gravity will be stronger than the genetic drift for it and people not using their muscles will no longer make them lose them and they will be really easily able to function in 1 G immediately after a prolonged period in 0 G. That evolutionary change would also make it no longer possible for anyone to make themself really strong by training their muscles which is a good thing because it means they can't fight another person without them defending themself.

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