Monday, 4 August 2014

Evolution of ambidexterity

I not only want to create evolution of ambidexterity but evolution of super high ambidexterity. The ambidexterity part of the test should have you sit in a chair and then there are 2 close together horizontal slits and a ring further away from you both picked at a random spot. One of your hands is randomly picked and you are tested on the ability to throw a golf ball sized ball made of flawless diamond through the horizontal slits and the ring without the ball hitting the edges with that hand and then the test is repeated with the other hand. The inner edge of the ring will slowly get smaller through the generations with the people who miss on either of the 2 attempts being refused to be helped find a partner until it is slightly less than twice as big as the ball.

To further create evolutionary pressure of ambidexterity, there should be some restaurant jobs that for every chiral tool they have, should have an equal number of right-handed and left-handed versions and should only hire people who can do the job in a fast complex way where they take which ever copy of the tool they get regardless of which version of the tool it is if they want to keep the job. Those jobs that tell people which hand to use should warn people ahead in their job ad or interview about that policy so that they won't trick somebody into taking the job who didn't want it and will only take people who knew what it was like and decided to accept it because it's so hard to find a job.

The world is easier when everybody is ambidextrous. It really is. Evolution would increase the extent to which a skill automatically transfers from one hand to the other hand making it so that using one hand half the time will slow down the other hand gaining skill by an ever so tiny amount. It allows the same person to sometimes cut celery in one area and sometimes cut celery in another area depending on which of those areas is already getting used by somebody else. Ambidexterity might also be advantageous for cutting a tuna because some parts of it are nonsymmetrical and so favor one hand for cutting off whose reflection across the sagittal plane favors the other hand. It also avoids the need to rearrange people at the dinner table. All new kids should be taught to mirror write when ever they're writing with their left hand which is more natural, and avoids smudging pencil lead and pressing on binder rings and spiral notebook rings. It also creates evolutionary pressure for smartness for people in jobs to suck up learning how to read mirror writing which is not that hard to learn. The cafeteria should have rows of tables with cutlery laid out where people on one side are required to eat with their right hand and those on the other side are required to eat with their left hand. To ensure students don't establish a dominant hand, in early grades, they should be assigned seats at each meal eating with their right hand at some meals and their left hand at other meals. Each person should have a big non-side biased so that the teacher can randomly hand out scissors half of which are left-handed randomly to the class with each student take which ever version of scissors they get and use them with the hand they're designed for, sometimes using right-handed scissors and sometimes using left-handed scissors. All grades should be like the grades starting from grade 7 where the students have different teachers and different binders for different subjects. Each teacher for each class each year should have it randomly decided whether all students in that class are supposed to write normally with their right hand or all of them are supposed to mirror write with their left hand. The reason is because it would create a very disorganized binder having some of the writing in it mirror writing and some of it not with no clear beginning and ending of the binder writing. The teacher should also write on the board the same way as the students are supposed to with the same hand, should mirror print tests and handouts for those classes where the students are supposed to mirror write with their left hand, should give out inverted textbooks for those classes where the students are supposed to mirror write, and should give a zero for a homework assignment that was written normally in a mirror writing class and for a mirror written homework assignment in a normal writing class. If a student continues writing with their dominant hand during a class where they're supposed to write with the other hand, that hand will be restrained with a wire frame glove that goes over that hand and get locked shut during each class where they're not supposed to use that hand. The teacher is not allowed to wrestle the glove on but if the student refuses to put it on themself in a class where they're supposed to, they should get a zero in the rest of the course. All music classes should provide their own instruments with half the copies an inverted version and should randomly hand them out to the class each class so that each student will get one version some classes and the other version other classes. In all music playing tests, each student should be given music they never saw before and have an intrument randomly handed to them by the teacher and may not choose which version to play on. However, the music sheets will either all be mirror written or none be mirror written for the entire year for the entire class because music classes should not be treated differently than other classes. Even for 2 hand tasks such as playing a flute and typing at a keyboard, it's still useful to use 2 versions of the flute or keyboard because it will improve the general skill of to what extent the skill of any task transfers to the skill of its mirror image. For that reason, every school library should have rows of computers where those on one side of each row are uninverted and those on the other side are inverted, and they should have however many computer makes each person who wants to use one to type school work wait as long for a computer as at Steacie Library so that students will be forced to take which ever computer becomes available first and therefore type on an inverted keyboard half the time and an uninverted keyboard the other half of the time. Having half the computers inverted will also force them to normal read and mirror read equally frequently keeping their doors open to being a teacher who has no trouble reading mirror written assignments for those classes where students are supposed to lefty mirror write.

If forcing ambidexterity on people at a young age is too much bother for them, that's fine, we don't need to do it. The eugenics test will eventually select for people who are naturally ambidexrous anyway. Those people who fail to establish a dominant hand and naturally use each hand half the amount of time will be more likely to pass the throwing eugenics test and less likely for the partner finding site to refuse to find them a partner. Once almost everybody is ambidextrous, the world will be easier if everybody on each side of a linear table is told to eat with the same hand because there will be no bumping elbows. It might as well be that for all linear tables, one side is laid out for right hand use and the other for left hand use becuase then after that change, the throwing eugenics test will further select for people who don't form a tendency to always pick the side that favors the same hand for eating to sit at. Even people who naturally would be fully ambidextrous might form a weak handedness due to the current chiral environment of there being more right-handed tools than left-handed ones. Since ambidexterity is currently so rare, we won't be able to make the fraction of people who are ambidextrous increase as rapidly as those who are left-handed. There is an advantage in selecting for left-handed people over right-handed people. That's that once left-handedness is as common as right-handedness, the world will feel free to start producing both versions of each tool in equal proportions, which will keep up the full ambidexteiry of naturally ambidextrous people. That can be done by having those people who throw the ball really accurately when they do it with their left hand in the test more likely to pass the test. We should also be removing the natural selection against left-handedness by making a law that the proportion of copies of a tool that a factory proces in the left-handed version is not allowed to be lower than the fraction of people who are left-handed so that left-handers won't be stuck with having to get a right-handed copy.

The world is even easier when everybody is a fast skill learner with both hands for so many high motor skills because that enables restaurants to hire somebody who will be given many different cutting jobs in different areas of the restaurant each of which they must do with which ever hand the environment is set up to favor if they want to keep the job. For example, when somebody is first given a mushroom slicing job, they will gain skill really fast and be able to do the job with a different hand at different times depending on which area they do the job in. There should be some restaurants doing the huge bother of tracking down those very few such people now so that they can create evolutionary pressure for that fast skill gaining ability saving employers in future generations the trouble of having people not very good at the job. Once somebody has previous experience with such a job, they will be faster at gaining skill for for which ever of those jobs is set up to favor the opposite hand with the opposite hand in another restaurant. In fact, transfer of skill from a task to its mirror image with the other hand is a special case of the brain's ability to build up skill gaining shortcuts for new skills from practice with old ones. One of the partner finding challenges should be being randomly given a high skilled task that you only get 4(1/2) hours to practice from such a large number of tasks that you couldn't have possibly gotten any practice with all of them and then the tester should use a random generator do decide whether you have to do the task one way or the other mirror image way. For example, flipping a pancake on a frying pan only by jerking the handle with which ever hand you're asked to, freemounting a unicycle where you can't decide which foot starts off on top, going up a slight slope forwards on a rips-tic where you can't decide which foot is over the front wheel, and doing a golf drive on the first attempt at least 250 yards with which ever version of golf driver is randomly handed to you where each version has a 50% chance of being the version handed to you.

It's better to create evolutionary pressure for ambidexterity but if we're not going to do that, we should at least create evolutionary pressure for 50% of people to be left-handed. It's easier for right-handed people to be able to train their left hand to be skilled for the convenience of ambidexterity when evolution makes 50% of us left-handed than when evolution makes 12% of us left-handed because it removes the evolutionary pressure for a predetermined handedness making it easier for a right-handed person to choose to train their left hand to become ambidextrous. It allows restaurants restaurants to hire left-handers for a cutting board job in an area that favors the left hand and right-handers for a cutting board job in an area that favors the right hand because half of all cutting boards in any restaurant job will be in an area that favors the left hand. For example, if there's a wall on the left and a garbage can on the right, it's more favorable to cut the celery with your left hand so that you can throw away the bad end with your right hand not wasting job time putting the knife down to pick up the bad end. When the job has a celery cutting area like that, they should only require somebody to be able to do the job with their left hand, not require them to be left-handed. Having only 50% of people right-handed also solves the problem of people bumping elbows at the dinner table if we use linear tables with people on one side eating with their right hand and those on the other side eating with their left hand and having the cutlery laid out as such. Also making it easier for people on one side to reach a salt shaker with their right hand automatically makes it easier for those on the other side to reach one with their left hand. It also enables schools to save desk space and fit more people into the classroom by having 2-person desks that are so small that the person in the seat on the left side does not have room to write with their right hand without bumping the other person with their elbow even if the other person is also using their right hand.

To create that evolutionary change, one of the partner finding challenges should be taking a chiral tool and using it, where the number of available copies is the same as the number of people currently doing the challenge, which the fraction of copies that are left-handed a tiny bit more than the fraction of left-handers in the population, leaving a small fraction of right-handers stuck with a left-handed version. That fraction has to be small in order to not lose support for eugenics. Men who can flip a pancake on a frying pan with their left hand only by jerking the handle should have the option of donating a large number of sperm to grow a zygote in vitro. Elementary schools should start having those 2-person desks and purposefully ordering 2 versions of scissors that are mirror images of each other and have half of them be the left-handed version and not order very many more pairs of scissors than the number of students in the school and then it will finally be right-handed people competing for right-handed scissors and for seats on the right side of the desk having to suck up using left-handed scissors and not the other way around. To make sure right handed people don't use left-handed scissors with their right hand, the school should purposely order a type of scissors that will fail to cut if used with the opposite hand than it's designed for. Left-handed kids and those right-handed kids who failed to win a seat on the right side of the desk from competing should be taught to mirror write with their left hand. If they persist in using their right hand to write, the school should restrain their right hand by putting their right hand in a wire frame glove and locking it shut until the school day is over. That way, the kid will start developing skill in their left hand until they eventually become left-handed.

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